Dog, cat and rabbit
claws clipping service
in Laval

Dog, cat and rabbit claws clipping service in Laval

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Your dog or your cat has too long claws?

Take care of him by bringing him to our grooming salon Le Moussart in Sainte-Rose, every 4 to 6 weeks. With delicacy and thoroughness, we will take care of cutting his claws so that he regains real well-being and prevent the inner veins from lengthening.

Groomers for more than 10 years, we have the know-how and the necessary equipment to handle dogs and cats of all breeds, but also rabbits.

So, if you need a cat claw, rabbit claw or dog claw cutting service in Laval, do not waste any more time and contact us now to make an appointment as soon as possible.

Cats claw clipping

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Cutting off your cat’s claws as often as possible is one of the important things to care for, contributing to his well-being and hygiene, while also allowing you to preserve your furniture, curtains, etc.

As cat’s claw clipping professionals in Laval, we guarantee a painless claw crippling for your cat, whatever its breed. We use the right pair of scissors, sharp and precise, to ensure a clean and fast cut. Entrusting your cat to us is the assurance of putting it in good hands, so that its claw clipping is painless and safe.

Depending on the lifestyle of your cat, the growth of the claws may be rapid. In any case, we recommend that you give him a claw cut regularly for his own well-being and comfort.

Need a claw cut?

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Dogs claw clipping

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Regardless of the breed of your dog, know that it is important to cut its claws on a regular basis to avoid breakage or bleeding. If your dog starts to have too long claws, do not put off his claw trimming and come see us.

Used to caring for dogs of all scales, we can cut all claws, even the hardest and most dense ones. All you must do is drop off your dog with us and you will find him very nice and clean.

Entrusting us with your dog claw cut in Laval will greatly facilitate your task since this treatment is not easy to perform. Thanks to our experience and our excellent equipment, we will be able to offer this care quickly and without risk. Precise and efficient, our claw cut is guaranteed to be pain free.

Rabbits claw clipping

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Just like dogs and cats, rabbits need to be well cared for to live comfortably and be healthy. Among the care they need to be given is cutting rabbit claws. Indeed, in the wild, rabbits wear down their claws naturally over time, but this is not the case when they live with us. We therefore advise cutting their claws regularly, at least every 2 months. This maintenance of the claws will bring them a real well-being and will prevent them from injuring themselves or developing pododermatitis.

In our grooming salon, we have all the necessary equipment for a quick and painless rabbit claw cut. Equipped with a claw cutter, we will gently immobilize your rabbit so as not to injure it, then we will proceed with the cut being careful to stay a few millimeters from the vein so as not to injure your animal (price: $ 5).

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Are you looking for gentle and efficient professionals for a cat’s claw cut, a rabbit’s claw cut or a dog’s claw cut in Laval? Request an appointment with our groomers and get impeccable and painless service for your pet.

For any consultation or information request, we can be reached by phone at 450 624-1338 or by email using the form on our contact page.

Please note that we also offer other animal care in our grooming salon in Sainte-Rose, including grooming and trimming services, again for dogs and cats.

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