Cat and Dog
grooming service
in Laval

Cat and Dog grooming service in Laval

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Your cat is losing too much hair? Your dog needs a good shampoo?

Come at our grooming salon at Sainte-Rose Le Moussart! In a warm and professional atmosphere, we take good care of your pets.

In the field of grooming in Laval for over 10 years, we are used to grooming dogs and cats of all breeds.

Si if you are looking for experienced and gentle professionals for dog grooming or cat grooming, do not hesitate and contact us today to request an appointment.

Cat Grooming

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Do know that short haired cats lose their hair easier than long haired?

To limit this hair loss, and in particular the allergenic effects it can have on the occupants of your home, combing or monthly maintenance of your cat’s coat is ideal. In addition, it is also beneficial for your cat since he will choke less often on his hair and will feel more comfortable with a well disentangled coat.  

At Le Moussart, we propose a cat grooming service in Laval for short haired, semi long haired and long-haired cats. Thanks to our solid know-how and our professional tools, we can take care of your cat from head to claws! We will make sure to brush him well so that his coat is clean and does not get tangled, and we can possibly give him a bath.

 Either way, we guarantee you a neat and professional service

When you leave our grooming salon, your cat will be exceptionally clean and beautiful!

Our cat grooming service can include:

  • Maintenance and combing
  • Dy bath or shampoo
  • Leg trim
  • Claw clipping
  • Claw guard installation
  • Trimming
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Dog Grooming

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Dog Grooming

Recommended from the age of 4 months to initiate the pet gently, dog grooming helps limit hair loss and unpleasant odors, while preventing the creation of knots in his coat. At Le Moussart, we offer a complete dog grooming service in Laval that is personalized according to your dog’s needs and age. Note that it is recommended to take your dog the groomer every 4 weeks, especially when it is a long-haired dog.

Used to grooming dog from all breeds, we take care of small and big dogs. We ensure the claw clipping and the paws trimming, as well as the maintenance, washing and drying of your dog’s coat. Trust us, we have all the equipment and products needed to properly groom your dog by taking care of his skin.

Our dog grooming service is as follows:

  1. Welcome by the groomer who will assess your dog’s needs with you
  2. Bath
  3. Fur care including shampoo, detangling, moisturizing, whitening and finish product
  4. Brushing and deep combing using a metal comb and a detangling comb
  5. Eventually claws clipping and coat trimming
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Contact us now!

Do you need a cat grooming or a dog grooming service in Laval? Make an appointment with our professional groomers et benefit from a 100% satisfying care for your pet!

For any consultation or information request, we can be reached by phone at 450 624-1338 or by email using the form on our contact page.

Please note that we also offer other animal care in our grooming salon in Sainte-Rose, including claw clipping and trimming services, again for dogs and cats.

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