Dog and cat
trimming service
in Laval

Dog and cat trimming service in Laval

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Your cat’s coat is full of knots? Is your dog starting to have too long hair?

Come at Le Moussart, your warm and professional grooming salon at Sainte-Rose!

Use to groom dog and cat for more than 10 years, we offer gentle and efficient services to take care of your pet from head to claws!

Then, if you need a dog or cat trimming in Laval, contact us today to make an appointment!

Cat trimming

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Adapted for cats from all breeds, our cat’s clipping service in Laval suits all kind of fur.

No matter how long your cat’s hair is, we can trim it, even if it is very matted. Whether you cat’s fur is long, semi-long or short haired, we guarantee you a neat finish and we will be happy to take care of your cat.

To meet strict stylistic and hygienic criteria, rest assured that we put all our know-how and professional tools at your service. We take care to respect the requests of your customers, in particular regards the trimming of the collar, which can be short, long, lion or natural.

Also, please note that we work without chemical calming or anesthesia. Whether your cat is shy, nervous or stressed, have no fear and trust our experience, we will know how to take care of him calmly, for example by putting on an Elizabethan necklace. Trust us, we assure you a successful and impeccable cat trimming in total serenity.

Book our clipping service at
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Dog Trimming

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Your dog needs to be trim and you have precise idea of the result you want to get?

To ensure a trimming adapted to your requests and to your dogs’ coat, ask our team of professionals.

As dog trimming experts in Laval for more than 10 years, we offer a complete and tailored service. We always follow our customers recommendations to set up the trimmer to the right hair length. First, we do a disentangling followed by a first trimming or a cut with scissors, then we realize a stylish hair cut, according to your taste your dog personality.

Concerned about the well-being of your pet, we make sure that he feels at ease throughout the trimming period. In addition, we obviously take all the necessary measure to not injure your dog, for sensitive areas and between the pads.

If your dog needs a perfect beauty care, do not wait and make an appointment at our grooming salon of Laval. We guarantee you a dog trim with well cared finish.

Contact us without further delay

Are you interested in our dog and cat trimming service in Laval? Make an appointment and get a result that exceeds your expectations! We can be reached by phone at 450 624-1338 or by email using the form on our contact page.

Note that we also offer other pet care in our grooming salon in Sainte-Rose, including claw clipping and grooming services again for dogs and cats.

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